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The Netherlands is an attractive location for entrepreneurs. It’s a densely populated country with a good infrastructure, hence with easy access to a large market. The Dutch economy is among the best in Europe with low unemployment, high prosperity and wealth and average taxes. However tax rules are complex in the Netherlands and the rules are rigorously enforced. It’s important therefore to follow those rules. Fiscali can help you with that. Fiscali provides (web-)administrative services focused at support of foreign employees and entrepreneurs, but of course we can also help our locals. Our support varies from opening of bank accounts to comprehensive all-inclusive accounting services for your company. We have a unique option to provide these services through our website, so that you can save time and cost, regardless of your location. We’ll ensure that you can run your business in the Netherlands with a focus on your core activity, without the hassle of digging into administrative procedures or having to pay unnecessary fines.


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